The architecture of ACE YXP is an elegant amalgamation of art and functionality. Its Art Deco-inspired design is strategically planned, featuring art installations, layered plantations, and floral arrangements. Layered plantation, also known as vertical landscaping or multi-tiered gardening, is done to transform retail areas into lush, vibrant environments. Bridges are being built here on YXP to reduce the congestion on ground-level walkways and staircases. By presence of these bridges the visitor will experience open air and ventilation within the premises.

A new concept of selfie point is given to YXP which includes places or halts like large murals, thematic décor, art installations and floral arrangements. These elements, along with public art, amphitheatre-style seating, and focal points like the serene fountain and stonework, create a magical social environment. This design takes in the cool breeze and keeps the ambience cooler, providing visitors with a remarkable journey through its captivating aesthetics. Situated strategically on the Yamuna Expressway nearby the new airport, ACE YXP is poised to become a premier retail destination.
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